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Thank you for helping grow our amazing players community!
Join us in this Warena Referral Program journey to earn extra rewards by inviting your friends to Warena 2D game.

  • The referrer (“Warena Envoy”) will collect rewards based on the referred friends’ progress.
  • The reffered friend also receive a welcome gift for newcomer.


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Who can be a Referrer / Warena Envoy?

Anyone who has a game account can register to become a Warena Envoy (“Referrer”). A unique referral code will be provided after registered.
For more support, please reach out to Warena moderators in Discord or Telegram.


Who can be a Referred Friend?

The Referred Friend has to create a new account with the Referral Code on Warena Marketplace for the referral to be valid. The Referred friend must have a different email address, along with different wallet address from the Referrer’s.


How to Refer a Friend?

Referral step 1

Copy Referral Code and share it with your friends.

Referral guide line
Referral step 2

Your friends create new account with your Referral Code and open a Mystery Box.

Referral guide line
Referral step 3

Both you and your friends collect rewards.

More Referrals, More Prizes!

  • Both Warena Envoy and their friends will receive plenty of rewards, including WARE, level Upgrade stones, and skill upgrade stones.
  • Please note, these rewards can only be claimed once.
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Discord Invites

Another way to earn extra rewards is to invite your friends to Warena Discord Community.

  • Inviters will receive rewards including $EMP (Warena Discord Token). The top 10 inviters will also receive a Mystery Box once a month. Invites data will be reset monthly.
  • Invitees also receive a welcome gift once enter Warena Discord.
  • Please note, all rewards will be withdrawn once a member left Warena Discord.

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